the woman behind the blocks of text.

hello! i'm urraca. i'm 21 & a writer in the sense that i do it in my spare time and enjoy it immensely. i've made this digital commonplace book chiefly to have a place to put my ramblings that doesn't feel as scrutinized & performative as social media, as well as to learn html in preparation for a future narrative website project! as you might be able to tell from this website's layout, i'm very new to html, but i'm Having Fun.

while i might link my social medias on here at some point, at the moment i feel like it defeats the pleasant escapism of this as an individual site, so! if you have any questions, comments, or just want to get in contact with me, drop me a line at lichduchess@gmail.com.

favorite movies: theatre of blood, us, labyrinth, bram stoker's dracula, morgiana, the lord of the rings trilogy. favorite tv shows: murder she wrote, poirot, miss fisher's mysteries, the terror, dark shadows (1960s), i claudius (70s), killing eve.

if you're interested, follow the rose below to my sporadically updated diary/life updates.